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Technology does not substitute a capacity. It supports a talent.

Thanks to our philosophy, the high quality of Ridolfi wines is also the result of a particularly avant-garde company. Competent and specialized professionals and innovative wine-making and bottling techniques work alongside the experience of our ancestors and artisan processes, exalting their potential and improving performance.

Without sullying the soul of the wine. Because respect is another essential value for Ridolfi. Because nature rewards he who does not betray the land. 

The vines are treated exclusively with copper and sulphur. Sexual confusion is practiced to fight the grapevine moth while avoiding the use of insecticides. The natural vigour of the Sangiovese grape in the freshest soils is limited through the sowing of barley and its use in manure. In more clay-based soils, sowing and manure based on sulla increase the ratio of nitrogen. The vineyards are fertilised using certified farmyard manure.